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Used To Be There Were Only Three Ways To Deal With Selling Real Estate or a Privately Owned Business

  1. Don’t Sell, and the beneficiaries inherit the real estate or business and will not pay a capital gains tax. You have a life time job.
  2. The 1031 Exchange, fees are minimal, but then you still have a life time job.
  3. Sell and Pay the Taxes. Cuts into your Lifetime Income.
  4. Now You Have a New Alternative!
  5. The Deferred Sales Trust™, defers capital gains and eliminates or minimizes estate taxes. You can now draw income from the total sales proceeds.

Here’s How It Works:

  • Step 1 We have the Estate Planning Team’s Legal Network set up your Deferred Sales Trust™
  • Step 2 We assist you in transferring your asset to the Deferred Sales Trust™
  • Step 3 Deferred Sales Trust™ sells the asset and there is minimal gain on the sale attributable to the trust.
  • Step 4 The trust pays you an income in the increments and frequency you specify.
  • Step 5 You only pay the capital gains tax when you pull the original principal out and ordinary income tax on the income taken out of the Deferred Sales Trust.
  • Step 6 The total value of the trust can be passed estate tax free to your heirs.
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